Ishapniti's Fables

Speed 110 km/hr
24 May 2016

Just a month back, I celebrated passing my driver’s licence test. What an awesome feeling it was when my husband said “Congratulations!, Now you are a licenced driver”. And from that day it self, I was dreaming of driving on the Mumbai-Pune express-way. Practice makes a man perfect and therefore one should keep practicing at every opportunity. A week after that, I was returning from Pune to Mumbai with my family, and I decided to share driving time. ... Read More

Three More Days
22 May 2016

Summer holidays are absolutely more exciting when they come after school or colleges exams. Now that I am a working woman, I dont get to enjoy summer in the same spirit. I had a nostalgic feeling when my sister finished her last college exam paper last summer. I had invited her to my place for a weekend, so that we could spend time together. She came to a totally new place, new home, new city and new lifestyle. ... Read More