Ishapniti's Fables

Ganesh Murti 2016
11 September 2016

“You will not realize that you have an immense abilty to perform new tasks unless you try.” First attempt of making Ganesh Murti this year. I am quite amazed to see I could do this. There’s quite a lot of scope for improvement, but not bad for a first-timer, eh? My mother has been sculpting Ganesh murti for several years now, and I’ve observed her as well as helped sometimes. So the credit for my ability to do it independently this time goes to to her. ... Read More
To win the hearts of your guests, you always want a mindblowing, very catchy decoration. Be it a festival, a celebration or a house warming party! For an upcoming event in your home let this freshness of flowers bloom your heart and strengthen your relations with the warmth. This decoration is very easy as doesn’t demand much creativity. It is simple, easy and effective. Method: (Time 5 mins. Lasts 2 days) ... Read More

27 July 2016

An abstract painting series with the G-O-D theme, showing G - Generation, O- organization and D-destruction. In Hindu mythology, Brahma is considered as the generator, Vishnu as the organizer of life and Shankar as the destructor of life. My paintings

Exploring Goa # A warm visit to an old temple # An old styled house # A generous heart # offered a welcome drink (Kashay) # A drink made with household herbs # To Good Health!

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Twenty Years Later
28 May 2016

This is a collection of “deja-vu” experiences with a gap of twenty years. Fun, quite interesting, and somewhat spooky. On the morning of new year’s day in 2015, I had gone with my fiance to watch the hindi movie PK (starring Amirkhan). Then we had lunch and were returning home. Instead of choosing heavy traffic road for a casual walk, we choose a nice, calm, green road. Somewhere in the middle of road, my fiance just stopped by reading some board. ... Read More