Twenty Years Later

28 May 2016

This is a collection of “deja-vu” experiences with a gap of twenty years. Fun, quite interesting, and somewhat spooky.

On the morning of new year’s day in 2015, I had gone with my fiance to watch the hindi movie PK (starring Amirkhan). Then we had lunch and were returning home. Instead of choosing heavy traffic road for a casual walk, we choose a nice, calm, green road. Somewhere in the middle of road, my fiance just stopped by reading some board. He said, “This is unbelievable. I am amazingly awestruck.” I said, “What’s up? What is so surprising in here in a public park?” He replied, “I was in 4th std when my school picnic came here. I liked the garden with the traffic signals, so I fell in love with this garden. Thereafter, for next visit with cousins, I tried finding the park and I asked almost every Punekar I know, but couldn’t find it. Twenty years later, I found it here… Now I can close that file of garden hunting, which was burried deep in that memory folder. Thanks to you, It’s because of you I came here.” I was really speech less. It is this [Chittaranjan] ( park, Model colony, Pune.

I was recently cooking a Punjbi dish, [cauliflower fritters] (, taught by my beloved friend, when I was in Bremen. Tasting this dish, my granny was delighted, and said, “This dish reminds me of a sweet memory of me and your grandpa. We both went in Uttar Pradesh (where this dish is also common) in 1995. We had it there. Thank you for making this!”

Me and my husband were visiting a friend in south India. His parents had attended our wedding. He told us that day, that he really enjoyed being part of our Marathi Style wedding. He said he had only been to a similar ceremony twenty years ago, when his college friend got married.

My German friends were visiting us once, and they wanted to watch a Hindi movie. We took them to watch [Drushyam] ( at a theatre in Mumbai. The movie didn’t have subtitles, and so it was a lot of fun translating the movie to them. And then I suddenly realized: the actor and actress starred in this movie – I had enjoyed their film [Vijaypath] (, exactly twenty years ago. It was also the first movie I had watched in a big theatre. That pair did their last movie together in the movie Haqiqat, released exactly twenty years before Drishyam.

Coincidents like these kept ringing my ears. It was a little unnerving. I asked my father about what maybe going on. He is a practicing Astrologer, and he explained that the planetary positions these days are generally the same as they were twenty years ago, thus causing “dejavu” moments for a lot of people. I was happy to have an answer.

Did the “twenty-years-later” bug bite you? What’s your story? I asked this question to my sister, and her answer: “I was born twenty years ago.”

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