Ganesh Murti 2016

11 September 2016
festivals decorations sculptures

“You will not realize that you have an immense abilty to perform new tasks unless you try.”

First attempt of making Ganesh Murti this year. I am quite amazed to see I could do this. There’s quite a lot of scope for improvement, but not bad for a first-timer, eh?

My mother has been sculpting Ganesh murti for several years now, and I’ve observed her as well as helped sometimes. So the credit for my ability to do it independently this time goes to to her.

Material: (Time 2-3 hours, Meant to last 10 days for the festival until Visarjan)

  1. Eco-freindly Shadu clay
  2. Decorative stones, pearl, and artifical flowers
  3. Sculpting tools
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